To Kill The Truth

The independence referendum is only weeks away. The people of Scotland are being deliberately misled. Three unlikely heroes set out to discover the truth, but the power of the state seeks to silence them. So begins a desperate chase across the Scottish countryside to discover and reveal the truth. The very future of Scotland is at stake ...


During the run up to the Scottish independence referendum, the Yes campaign are leading. This drives the opposing No campaign to desperate measures, and they have to start inventing false truths in order to get their favoured result. When the political lies and spin reach an unbearable level, it falls to a retired MI5 agent, a jailed computer hacker and a schoolboy genius to expose the truth.

The truth is out there somewhere ...

Main Characters

David Chisholm - Former MI5 operative 

Nigel Braithwaite - British Prime Minister

Penny Carson - Adviser to the Prime Minister

Shona Murray - Computer hacker and whistleblower

Rory Lawson - Schoolboy maths prodigy with a flair for code breaking

Norman Williams - MI5 Operative