Teenage Author Prepares for Launch of Debut Novel

News Release

A young Dundee author is having his first full length novel launched on 26 January 2014. Callum Duffy, 15, a fourth year pupil at Grove Academy took almost 18 months to produce the manuscript. The book, To Kill The Truth is described as a political thriller. It is already receiving critical acclaim.

To Kill The Truth by Callum Duffy“This is a story that should be told”

"John Buchan meets House of Cards"

The launch will take place at an event to be attended by figures from the literary and current affairs worlds. Set against the backdrop of the Scottish independence referendum, the story follows the efforts of politicians to keep the truth from the electorate, and the efforts of three unlikely members of the public who try to discover and reveal the truth. So while set at the time of the referendum the book offers no leaning towards one side or the other, but instead concentrates on the need to get the truth out to the population so they can make proper informed democratic choices. Callum said, "I really enjoyed writing it and I hope people will enjoy reading it."

He added, "I spent nearly 2 years researching and writing To Kill The Truth, and it is great to see the book finally published after a lot of hard work."

The book will be available from 9th December as a paperback (£7.99) or as an e-book (£3.99) from all good bookshops and on-line retailers.