The Challenger Magazine Book Review - June 2014

To Kill The Truth by Callum Duffy

This is an exciting fast paced political thriller, topically set against the Scottish independence referendum. However, the political content is much more concerned with politicians manipulating the media and controlling the information placed before the electorate than it is concerned with the referendum.

To KIll The TruthThis gives the story a wider geographic appeal than is first apparent. Three unlikely members of the public take on the power of the state to reveal what is really going on.

As they begin a desperate race across the Scottish countryside, trying to keep ahead of the powers that would prevent them from telling the truth, so the politicians become ever more determined to stop the truth from coming out.

The book has lots of clever plot twists, including a real surprise at the end. It is populated with well developed characters, and is written at a furious pace. The prose style is very mature. The book well merits a five star review.